Philosophy + History

It all started when I took pottery lessons at Montgomery Studio in Webatuck Village, New York. Centering a spinning wet ball of clay was addicting and I loved the process of manipulating it into a shape. But after several wintry nights, as fate would have it, bread eventually became my clay. I was hence thrusted into the ancient world of naturally-leavened, handcrafted bread. It opened my eyes to what we were all eating and I wanted to change that for the better.

I love food, and I love the meaning of things. Bread fascinated me because it seemed part witchcraft and part alchemy. How Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast could come together to make a tasty thing. When made well, bread nourishes the body and also the mind; it can evoke memories, feelings of comfort, can even inspire words. Best of all, it can bring people back to the dinner table again.


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